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  • Jackie Boswell

Boiling water taps

The jury is still out on whether the boiling water tap will take over from the kettle, but Kirstie Allsop is a fan! Interesting article in the Daily Mail on the general pros and cons.

Quooker are becoming a recognisable brand name through their recent advertising campaign, but there are of course other rival brands producing their own versions. Some are mentioned in the article above, and there are also versions from Perrin & Rowe, and from Franke which are highly rated.

Safety features on all models are of course paramount. The budget conscious Adobe Pronteau 3in1 tap provides filtered steaming water at 98 degrees yet remains cool to the touch by using an insulated inner pathway through the body of the tap. Steaming hot water is dispensed by pushing the handle down and then forward, minimising the opportunity for accidental use.

Whichever model suits your preferences, we think that the boiling or steaming water tap will be around for a while yet, and could help you achieve that streamlined look by taking the traditional kettle off your work surface.

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