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Bespoke tweaks

When you are designing your new kitchen, most of the elements will be standard - your dishwasher will fit into a standard space, your oven will be a standard size (whether those appliances are fitted underneath worktops, freestanding or part of tall or midi sized cabinets). But then, in places, your room may become 'non-standard'. A beam in the ceiling. A corner with boxed pipes in the way. A low window sill.

Coming direct to the manufacturer means that we can make your cabinets to suit your room, rather than you having to 'make do' with cabinets which don't fit perfectly. If you choose a solid surface, we can also make the worktop to fit the layout, without obvious and visible joins. When you're dealing with the manufacturers, that tailored approach doesn't mean that the price becomes inflated beyond your reach. We always offer clear quotes and can usually find ways to work within your budget.

Often, it's just the small tweaks that make the kitchen 'work' without too many compromises. Shop around, and then speak to us about those tricky areas where you need to find something a little different.

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