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Storing a growing number of gadgets and cooking utensils is always a tricky problem to solve. How many of us have that unused hand blender/pineapple corer/juicer in the back of a cabinet somewhere? Perhaps if it was easily accessible we would use it more....

Corners in particular are notoriously difficult. But help is at hand. There are a range of hardworking inserts which bring the contents of that tricky corner out to you, rather than making you crawl into the depths of the cabinet.

Magic corner

This door pulls out into the kitchen, with the back section of the unit sliding forward at the same time.

A great solution for electrical gadgets and large pots, or for the the multibuy tinned items which were on offer at the supermarket!

Another great option for larger pots and dishes is the 'Fluid II' kidney shaped pull out (Youtube link below), with soft close action and non-slip shelves it stops the dishes rattling around when you open and close it.

Another of our favourites is the COR wheel pro, a pole free corner carousel, which allows you to use all of the carousel space in cabinets with hinged, diagonal or curved doors:

Corner carousel

We will always talk through your individual storage needs so that your kitchen uses the right type of insert for you.

Call us or email for more information on any of the items shown.

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